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As one of the pioneer member, I am proud to be part of CNMA UK. It is really a professional association. A platform where there is respect for one another, every one's ideas/opinion is welcome. No criticism, everyone is treated equally. There is team work among members and friendliness. Punctuality/time keeping is maintained. No stress in hosting meetings. 

Most members do attend meetings and still go to their night shift on time. All this makes CNMA different from any other tribal association. Some of which am a member. You will not regret joining this group.

Vicky Biami

CNMA Pioneer Secretary, formal Financial Secretary and Publicity Secretary.

Having been in London for so many years, I was wondering which group, I could become a member of. I was thinking of some group I could identify with, somewhere I was not just going to be a background member, this was it! I was welcomed as if I had been known before, obviously being a caring profession you can imagine the TLC, I got from the house. It is not a group where all is about finance, we give our little contribution for the year and help any members who find themselves in a tight corner, whether through birth, marriage or death. We strive to help the needy back home and have ongoing projects. We have meaningful discussions about our profession.

If you seat in a corner wondering as a Cameroonian Nurse or Midwife thinking to join this incredible group, think no more.  You are simply coming to where you natural belong as we have a heart to care for each other. How could we care for people if we can't care for ourselves? Do not doubt, the NMC has got our back, they know we exist, so come join us. You are welcome!


Member and CNMA Adviser

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