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Meet Our Executive Members

Mrs Rose Hombo


Rose Hombo has background as a Mental Health Nurse with

25 years of experience working in the NHS...Read more 

Mrs Franka Mutah

Vice President

Mrs Beatrice Atungsiri


Beatrice Atungsiri is a Staff Nurse

specialised in stroke care at Winchester Hospital NHS trust...

Read More.

Mrs Amina Ajembu

Financial Secretary

Mrs Helen Surtees


Mrs Bridget Mancho -Yengi

Vice Secretary

Bridget Mancho-Yengi is a Registered General Nurse. Senior Sister at the Hampshire hospitals.


Ms Quinta Asongwe

Publicity Secretary

Mrs Elizaberth Fongwen

Vice Publicity Secretary

Ms Evodian Fonyonga

      Education Lead

Mrs Gladys Ngwasiri

 Chief Whip

Ms Elsie Monju

Assistant Chief Whip

Meet Our Patrons

Dr Rosemary Burnley


Dr Rosemary Burnley (SFHEA; MCIM; MCIPR; MCMI) Dr Rosemary Burnley is an academic... Read more

Mr Julius Nkafu


Julius is an expert in International Arbitration, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators .. Read more

Dr Samuel Atungsiri


Dr Samuel A Atungsiri BSc MSc PhD CEng MIET

Dr Sam Atungsiri is a telecommunications...

Read more

Ms Grace Tama


Grace Tama: MA in International Relations; BA in Business and Management; Registered General Nurse (RGN) ...Read more

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