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Education Planner

CNMA UK Education & Training plan for the group 2021/22


The aim of a training and education plan for CNMA-UK is to help us as a group to have a structure in place as well as create a development platform for the group to share ideas, learning and to learn from others.

Each year the aim is to have:


To run three webinars supported by CNMA Patrons on current topics.

Monthly Presentations:

To run six presentation each year , from both internal and external speakers. Members will be encouraged to present from their specialties.


Those presenting will coordinate and forward their topic and material for presentation to the lead

Presentation material

These should all be evidence based lasting for 45mins to 1 hour.

Each presenter to forward their topic for presentation to the lead

All materials from presentations should be validated by the group and signed by the education and training committee before it is published on the group website by the IT group. This will include presentations from external speakers

The lead will have a yearly timetable with identified topics



13 November 2021

Topic : Working in the NHS, Members experiences.


13th June 2021 Micro Aggression in the NHS

8 August 2021

10 October 2021



21st  May 2022

Topic: International Recruitment.

13th August 2022.  A Webinar with Dr Myer

24th September 2022 , A Webinar with Dr Myer

15th October 2022. A Webinar with DR J Myer

26th November 2022 AGM


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