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Dr Samuel A Atungsiri BSc MSc PhD CEng MIET

Dr Sam Atungsiri is a telecommunications engineer and works for Sony in Europe as section head of telecommunications R&D. He also represents Sony at various international committees of experts defining next generation technologies for TV and mobile communication (5G). Dr Atungsiri has hundreds of patents covering his inventions in these fields – some of which can be seen through a simple Google of his name.

Passionate about business, Dr Atungsiri holds Directorships in 4 companies based in the UK, and 2 companies based in Cameroon. Two of the UK-based companies are players in the health and social care sectors with a combined yearly turnover of £6 million. One of the companies is a private north-south technology transfer consultancy that provides training and technical advice on advanced telecommunication technologies and related business processes to developing countries. This consultancy has carried out assignments in more than 27 developing countries including Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Botswana, Mauritius, Mozambique, S Africa, Jamaica, Trinidad and others.

Dr Atungsiri is married with two children.

In Dec 2010 Dr Atungsiri succeeded his late father Ta Tala Kubam Atungsiri Ndo’oh – as the head of the vast Kubam Clan and a sub-chief of the Bamendankwe.

He classes this as his most humbling and toughest challenge yet.

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